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About WolfWall

How to Use WolfWall.com

WolfWall is a homepage designed to fit perfectly into the lives of students at NC State University. By making WolfWall the homepage on your computer, you will have all that you need to quickly and easily access everything related to student life.

Starting with the Google search box in the top right, students can search the internet directly from WolfWall without having to visit a search engine. Links to popular Google services such as Gmail, image search, and Google Maps are also only a click away. As you move down the page, past the image slideshows and helpful tips, you will find the "Your Links" section on the left hand side. Your Links contains over 75 links to everything a student needs, including those hard to find and remember links like the dining hall menus and Student Tickets. At the bottom of Your Links there is an option to add your own custom links that will always show up on WolfWall when you access it from your computer; you will never have to use bookmarks again. Directly to the right there are buttons for the most used links in "NC State Links," "Sports," "News," and "Around the Web" which provide a faster way to find exactly what you visit the most and be on your way. Further to the right is the weather here in Raleigh, updated every 15 minutes along with direct links to Raleigh Radar, Hourly Forecast, and 10 day Forecast all from weather.com. In the middle of the website you will find the top 3 stories from WRAL local news and the latest 6 stories from the Technician. At the very bottom of the page you will find links to various texts such as this one and a link to contact us if you ever have a suggestion or notice an error.

Unfortunately, websites aren't free and we do have to pay monthly bills to keep the site going. If you notice an ad or sponsor that interests you, please click on the link and keep WolfWall alive. The site was never created to be a money maker, but created due to the fact that no other homepage for Wolfpack students (at least none that have been updated since 2005) is available. Throwing a few cents our way with your clicks will ensure that WolfWall will continue to be updated and have features added to ensure that it stays the #1 "homepage of the pack".

Thanks for using WolfWall and Go Pack!


WolfWall.com was launched in July of 2009 as a homepage catering to the needs of every student at NC State University. After seeing similar, but simpler, websites for many other nearby universities and not being able to find anything useful for NC State, the largest university in North Carolina, Trey Holland decided to expand greatly on the idea of many other simple student websites and create a feature-rich student homepage specifically for Wolfpack students. A sophomore in Computer Science at NC State at the time, Trey spent over 2 months of his summer programming, designing, and tweaking WolfWall to ensure that it would perfectly fit the needs of his fellow Wolfpack students. Unlike similar sites at nearby universities owned by businesses, WolfWall is created and owned by NC State students so you know that the site will always have exactly what you need and NOT be covered in ads.

Special Thanks:

Matt Gray - For coming up with the "WolfWall" name and giving me feature ideas.
Christin Carter - For making me work when I wanted to be lazy and helping me advertise the site.
Our Users - For your suggestions and your continued support.