Manage Custom Links

Your Current Links:


Here you will be allowed to add your own links to your WolfWall Homepage! This feature uses javascript and cookies, you will need to have both of these enabled in your browser to use this feature (most browsers have these enabled by default).

To add a custom link just type in the address and a title and press the "Add" button. The link must be complete (i.e. " " as opposed to ""). You can have 12 custom links.

NOTE: If you regularly delete your cookies or temporary internet files, you will need to set an exception for so that the cookies used to store your custom links are not deleted.

Once you've added a link, you can delete it easily by clicking the delete button to the right of the link. If you have more than one link, you may re-order them by using the up button to move it up and the down button to move it down. When you are finished, click the "Save" button.